In The Spotlight

Carly Thomas – “Front Row”

Born in Thailand, this award-winning singer/songwriter was raised in Argentina, France and Canada. This cultural diversity opened her musical world to various genres such as modern folk, rock and country. She debuted with her 2003 album “Distance” and toured across Canada and Europe. Influenced by artists such as Sarah McLachlan and The Fray, she keeps pushing the boundaries of folk-pop.

Written as a metaphor for individual growth, her new single celebrates how a passion for live music can bring people together. Adding an upbeat pop layer to her usual folk-dipped style forges a foot-tappin’ melody and soaks it in sunlit, West-Coast vibes. With luminous keys, radiant guitars and a bounteous beat, it’s her Stevie Nicks-touched vocal chops that are in the front row of this lustrous gem.

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Music History

Simply Red – “Jericho”

From their album “Picture Book” (1985):

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New Music

Jasmine Kara – “Funkin’ Fresh”

With a virulent funkalicious vibe, this is the new single by Los Angeles-based Swedish songbird Jasmine Kara:

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