In The Spotlight

Calyco – “Flo”

Reintroducing the legacy of the famous 90s all-girl groups, this quintet of pop/R&B vocalists from the UK take it to new heights. They got together in 2019 and created their name from the letters in the names of the five members CAt, CaroLe, tYger, Chloe and rOni. They write their own material, as well as perform their favorite covers, mixing modern pop music with old school classics.

Debuting their first, self-penned single, they took the girl power from yore, gave it a modern twist and then dipped it in a sweet and suave funky vibe. With a smooth retro rhythm and playful keys creating oscillating soundwaves, it’s their perfectly matched velveteen harmonies that gentle bob along on the delectable melodic ocean, giving this ear-stroking debut an enchanting aural ebb and flow.

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Music History

Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio – “It’s Time To Party Now”

From their album “Two Places At The Same Time” (1980):

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New Music

Phoebe Katis – “Placebo”

With a velvety funk-pop vibe, this is the new single by British singer and songwriter Phoebe Katis:

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