In The Spotlight

Ron Velvet – “Do You Want To?”

Born as Ron Nery Jr., this multi-talented Filipino-American singer and songwriter is an actor and dancer, as well as a musician. In the limelight since childhood, he danced competitively for UC Riverside’s 909 Hip-Hop Dance Troupe and was able to open for the likes of Busta Rhymes and E-40. Influenced by neo-funk artists like Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, he released his debut EP “Velvet” in 2019.

Weaving a retro funk thread through a contemporary sonic tapestry, his new single is a vitalizing fusion of classic and modern. Instantly enticing with its catchy rhythm and playful keys, it bursts to life in the groovy chorus. While singing about choosing reconciliation over meaningless games, it’s his fresh vocals that make this an upbeat funkalicious dancefloor filler you definitely want.

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Music History

Lisa Fischer – “Save Me”

From her album “So Intense” (1991):

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New Music

The Fratellis – “Six Days In June”

From their upcoming album “Half Drunk Under A Full Moon”, to be released on 9 April 2021:

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