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Ghost Caravan – “Live Out Loud”

Centered around the multi-talented Canadian singer and songwriter Shaina Silver-Baird, this group of female collaborators creates an one-of-a-kind sound they call orchestral soultronica. The “ghosts” are experiences she’s encountered in her life. With their cinematic blend of soul and pop, they collaborated with The Weeknd and Martha & The Muffins and released their debut “Shine On” in 2018.

Glistening with delightful vintage electro-pop, their new single shines pure neon rays from every beat. Taking an invigorating retro pop groove from the sweltering synths and a pounding rhythm and sousing it in contemporary elements, this track sounds both exultantly 80s and club-ready modern. And with her powerful and empowering vocals, this is an anthemic dance-party in vibrant pastels.

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Music History

Madcon – “Liar”

From their album “Conquest” (2009):

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New Music

Natalie Shay – “Not The Girl”

From her upcoming debut EP “Naked”, to be released in April 2020:

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