In The Spotlight

Molly. – “Change Your Mind”

Hailing from Lancaster, this eloquent British songstress got bitten by the musical bug aged 10, when she started learning to play the guitar. In her teens she began gigging at a multitude of festivals around the UK and Ireland, catching the attention of BBC Introducing. Inspired by artists such as KT Tunstall and Kate Bush, she debuted her expressive sound on her single “Something More” in 2019.

Despite lyrically highlighting a serious subject such as the realization that you’ve been spending lots of time with a person without truly knowing them at all, her new single manages to encapsulate the story in sprightly pop vibes. The acoustic piano, infectious handclaps and the upbeat rhythm create a catchy melody for her rejuvenating vocal artistry to claim its rightful place in the auditory limelight.

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Music History

Henry Lee Summer – “I Wish I Had A Girl”

From his album “Henry Lee Summer” (1988):

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New Music

Kerri Watt – “Kissing Fools”

Dipping her pop-rock vibes in some country twang, this is the new single by Scottish songstress Kerri Watt:

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