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KATIS – “Touches”

British singer and songwriter Phoebe Katis was commisioned in 2014 to write “All Of My Life”, the only piece of music in the BAFTA and BIFA Award winning movie “Kajaki: The True Story”. Taking her career to a new level, she adopted the moniker KATIS and released her debut studio single “Promises” earlier this year, launching a neoteric blend of soul and funk-infused, nostalgic pop.

Her sophomore single is an eclectic mix of different styles, effortlessly marrying together into an invigorating injection of pure musical bliss. With a complex tribal rhythm driving the song, it’s enriched with some electro touches, crisp guitar plucks and contemporary R&B-style harmonies. Showcasing her silky, seductive vocals, its fresh and lively sound makes for an exhilarating groove.

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