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Kandace Springs – “Don’t Need The Real Thing”

This Nashville-native singer, songwriter and keyboardist grew up as the daughter of soul singer Scat Springs. Initially fascinated by cars (which she still is), it was the arrival of a piano when she was 10 that changed the course of her life. Now signed with Blue Note Records, she released her debut in 2014. Inspired by Billie Holiday and Lauryn Hill, she blends classic soul/jazz with modern R&B.

The first taster of her upcoming album “Indigo”, which will drop on September 7th, is a moorish morsel indeed. The guitar has a mellow, summery vibe with a slightly retro feel. A tribalistic rhythm adds another layer to this multi-faceted track, as do her enchanting, soulful vocals with a contemporary R&B edge. This song delivers on every level and shows that this songstress truly is the real thing.

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Music History

Fine Young Cannibals – “Don’t Look Back”

From their album “The Raw & The Cooked” (1988):

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New Music

Morcheeba – “It’s Summertime”

From their album “Blaze Away” (2018):

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