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Iyamah – “Silver Over Gold”

This British singer and songwriter grew up in Brighton as Sophie Bond, surrounded by the sounds of reggae music and African drumming. At 13 she began playing piano, writing her first songs and taking singing lessons to widen her impressive range. Since moving to London she’s performed on several festivals such as Glastonbury. Her debut single “Cryptic Love” was released in February 2018.

Her blend of Neo-soul and Hiphop flavors brews an enchanting and intoxicating cup of musical java. With the laid-back taste of an acoustic guitar, enriched with soft percussion, releasing a heady scent of soul-infused beans, it’s her silky, yet zealous vocals which add a jazzy feel and some moxie into the mix. Produced by Mullally, this song sounds like a generous splash of a gentle, soulful melange.

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Music History

Mr. Mister – “Hunters Of The Night”

From their album “I Wear The Face” (1984):

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New Music

Ava Max – “Salt”

This is the new single by L.A.-based pop songstress Ava Max:

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