In The Spotlight

Abby Anderson – “Dance Away My Broken Heart”

Already named as a Country artist to watch by CMT, Pandora and The Boot, this singer and songwriter from Dallas, Texas is off to a flying start. She finished school early and moved to Nashville at 17 to chase her musical dreams. After playing as many gigs as she could while working as a nanny, she got offered a record deal. Her debut single “This Feeling” got released September 2017.

Taken from her debut EP, which is due to drop on September 7th, her latest single is so much more than a Country song. It’s the late 50s/early 60s vintage flavor which first catches your attention and with a lively rhythm and retro guitar plucks already making your feet tap, she blends the vintage beat with modern Country in the bustling chorus, lifting this perky jam to new heights.

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Music History

Joe Jackson – “Down To London”

From his album “Blaze Of Glory” (1989):

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New Music

Elle King – “Shame”

This is the new single by Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter Elle King:

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