In The Spotlight

NUUXS – “Sweet Sunshine”

Born in France and moved to London as a baby, this half French, half Lao singer and songwriter found inspiration from her ever-changing surroundings. She got bit by the performance bug when she starred in her school play of Bugsy Malone. Since then she’s joined numerous bands and experienced a host of genres such as Jazz, Funk and Indie. She released her debut single “Holy Man” in 2016.

Her latest single is a slick Indie-Pop tune, which has a bewitching quality from the start. Taken from her “Red Tape, Vol. 1” EP, it has a multi-layered tropical rhythm and smooth 80s-dipped synths, which make her seductive, bubbly vocals light up the neon soundscape. Singing about holding on to the first moment of falling in love, it’s her sassy zeal that gives this track a scintillating sparkle.

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Music History

Brandy – “Sittin’ Up In My Room”

From the soundtrack of the movie “Waiting To Exhale” (1995):

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New Music

The Kooks – “No Pressure”

From their upcoming album “Let’s Go Sunshine”, to be released on 31 August 2018:

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