In The Spotlight

Half.Alive – “Still Feel.”

This Long Beach-based trio seemed to splash onto the music scene out of nowhere, when they released their debut EP “3” in 2017. In reality the band developed from a 50 song project front-man Josh Taylor had challenged himself to in 2015, hoping to improve his songwriting skills. Joined by Brett Kramer and James Krausse, they embelllished an Indie-Pop sound with contrasting genres.

Their latest single was number 11 of the 50 song challenge and thus had three years to ripen. Giving the 70s an indie-pop make-over, it has a lively discolicious rhythm delivering a rising, energetic bounce. It evolves effortlessly into an electro-heavy drum ‘n’ bass style chorus with multi-layered vocals, making it  both a retro as a modern groove which will surely make you feel alive.

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Music History

The Jacksons – “Things I Do For You”

From their album “Destiny” (1978):

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New Music

Leony – “Boots”

This is the new single by German globetrotting singer and songwriter Leony:

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