In The Spotlight

Cecilia Kallin – “Station”

This Swedish singer, songwriter and model started her music career in 2010 as singer and guitarist in the Folk-Pop band Timoteij. She’s written dozens of songs for both Swedish and Norwegian artists and entered the National Song Contests of Sweden with Timoteij and Norway with In Fusion. Now also debuted as a jewelry designer, she released her first solo single “Runaway” in January 2018.

Set on a train, her third single takes a laid-back modern Pop song and tells the love story of a tough relationship, approached from two possible scenarios. Breezy guitar plucks and sprightly fingersnaps guide her lighthearted, smooth vocals through a beautifully polished, mellow melody and with the addition of a mild, yet lively drum, this is a dreamy bite of a delicious contemporary Pop pie.

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Music History

Kool & The Gang – “Victory”

From their album “Forever” (1986):

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New Music

LP – “Girls Go Wild”

This is the new single by L.A.-based singer and songwriter Laura Pergolizzi, aka LP:

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