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Dance Party – “All My Love”

Known for their exhilarating, red-hot and explosive live shows, it’s no surprise that the full name of this 11-piece Australian band is Dance Party Pyrotechnics Association. Blending retro disco with modern house, they’ve created a combustible, high-energy party sound. Performing both covers of well-known disco beats as original songs, they are the musical firestarters of the Melbourne party scene.

Dipped in flaming 70s rhythms, the original title track of their new two-track EP certainly sets the disco scene ablaze. With lively percussion, velvety strings and vitalizing brass providing the vintage fireworks, the addition of some sizzling synths and a smouldering electric guitar bridge gives it a contemporary spark and makes this infectious inferno ignite the sweltering boogie.

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Music History

The Doobie Brothers – “Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me)”

From their album “Stampede” (1975):

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New Music

KT Tunstall – “The River”

From her upcoming album “Wax”, to be released on 5 October 2018:

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