In The Spotlight

Jordan Feliz – “Changed”

Born in Clovis, California, this Christian singer and songwriter started his music career with the rock band A Current Affair in 2006 and kicked off his solo career in 2015 with his album “Beloved”. Now Nashville-based, he’s released three charting albums to date and won the GMA Dove Award for New Artist Of The Year in 2016. His sound is a standout blend of Folk, Soul and Christian Pop.

Making Christian music universally accessible to both believers and non-believers alike is no simple task, but his latest single makes it sound easy. An exhilarating beat accompanied by lively handclaps draws you in and leads to an energetic chorus with a funky bounce. With his soulful, happiness-inducing vocals dancing over the jumping tune, you don’t want to change this catchy gem.

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Music History

George Benson – “Love X Love”

From his album “Give Me The Night” (1980):

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New Music

Lisa Stansfield – “Never Ever”

From her album “Deeper” (2018):

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