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The Beths – “You Wouldn’t Like Me”

New-Zealand singer, songwriter and guitarist Elizabeth Stokes and high-school pal guitarist Jonathan Pierce met bassist Benjamin Sinclair and drummer Ivan Luketina-Johnston at University where they all studied Jazz. They started a project exploring Pop and Rock sounds of their youth, by creating their own, guitar-heavy, Indie-Rock style. They released their debut EP “Warm Blood” in 2016.

This appetizing taster of their first full-length album “Future Me Hates Me” is quite an exhilarating slice of guitar heaven. Blending rousing contemporary Indie-Pop with touches of 60s Guitar-Rock, gives it an unique, full-bodied sound. With a summery melody and whimsical lyrics playing with the stirring drums and the rich electric guitar hooks, you can’t help but like this vitalizing Rock groove.

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Music History

Hall & Oates – “Portable Radio”

From their album “X-Static” (1979):

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New Music

Emma Blackery – “Take Me Out”

From her upcoming debut album “Villains”, to be released on 31 August 2018:

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