In The Spotlight

Nesmith. – “Reach”

Jason Nesmith is a young R&B/soul singer and songwriter, who still doubles up his time studying English at George Mason University. He kicked off his musical endeavors co-founding indie-pop duo The Local Pyramid in 2015, which performed a mixed bag of genres, but it was the voice of Sammy Davis Jr. and the lyrical ingenuity of Al Jarreau which lit the way to his own musical poetry and passion.

He certainly knows how to make an entrance with a debut single which is a mesmerizing and buttery smooth groove. The mellow beat and mild guitar strums give it a contemporary, summery R&B vibe, while his suave, soul-dripping vocals and some slick horns add a jazzy touch to the romantic, dreamlike ambiance, which makes you want to curl up with your loved one and just reach for the stars.

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Music History

Geri Halliwell – “Bag It Up”

From her album “Schizophonic” (1999):

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New Music

The Revivalists – “All My Friends”

This is the new single by eight-piece New Orleans Rock band The Revivalists:

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