In The Spotlight

Swimming Girls – “Asking For It”

This Bristol-based four-piece band was formed purely by accident when they were randomly put together as part of a musical project whilst they were studying in Bath. Given the assignment to write a song, they realized that they all shared a fixation on 70s and 80s pop culture and were similarly inspired by The Cure and Cyndi Lauper. They released their debut single “Tastes Like Money” in  2017.

Returning from supporting Pale Waves and Fickle Friends, their new single is a nostalgic journey back to the neon decade. With a captivating pop-ballad melody, wrapped in all-encompassing 80s hues from the analogue-sounding synths and the ardent, retro-touched vocals of front-woman Vanessa, it’s a dynamic, vintage breakup song with a dream-pop flair and certainly leaves us asking for more.

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Music History

Elton John – “Looking Up”

From his album “Wonderful Crazy Night” (2016):

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New Music

Gavin Turek – “WHITNEY”

This is the new single by Los Angeles-based soulstress Gavin Turek:

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