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PREP – “Pictures Of You”

This unlikely quartet, consisting of a hip-hop producer, a classical composer, a house DJ and a singer/songwriter, got together in 2015 in order to explore a mix of modern and vintage sounds. Inspired by the likes of Steely Dan, Michael McDonald and Bobby Caldwell, they fuse funk, R&B and jazz into a melting-pot of pop. Playing with a 6-piece band, their debut show sold out within the week.

Dipping their funky synths in glorious West-Coast sun, their new single is sweltering, luscious and gleaming with sonic bliss. Lyrically rather apt in the current situation, Tom Havelock is singing about a person you keep thinking about but can’t be with. While the bass line tickles, the mellow rhythm pulls and the synths sizzle, this beaming groove is a picture of summery rays of smooth jazzy funk.

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