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Brian McGrane – “Out Of Control”

Dublin-based, this Irish singer and songwriter has toured the world extensively and played legendary stages such as Sydney Opera House and Radio City in New York. He’s worked with artists like Gavin James, Sharon Corr and Tom Walker, gaining a wealth of experience. Also a gifted multi-instrumentalist he plays piano, guitar, synths and drums. He debuted his stirring pop sound with “Bubbles” in 2018.

By taking a sparkling energy and splashing it with infectious melodic elements, his new single is a radiant, radio-ready pop banger. Lyrically dealing with being stuck in a rut and just going round in circles, he expertly layered the buoyant bass, bright rhythm, glittering guitars and sweltering synths and concocted an ear-pleasing, slightly Coldplay-reminiscent tune, which is a golden auditory gift.

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Music History

Little Jackie – “The Stoop”

From their album “The Stoop” (2008):

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New Music

Phil Good – “Everything’s Good”

With an infectious poptastic optimism, this is the new single by singer and songwriter Phil Good:

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