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NZCA LINES – “Prisoner Of Love”

Named after Peruvian geoglyphs called the Nazca Lines, this musical project centers around the love of 90s R&B, synths and science fiction of Michael Lovett. His debut album “NZCA/LINES” was released in 2012, followed by his second album “Infinite Summer” in 2016. He’s recorded with Christine & The Queens on her 2014 debut “Chaleur Humaine” and toured with the British band Metronomy.

Concocting a delectable sonic brew from 70s disco and ABC-reminiscent 80s pop, his new single sounds like it comes with its own glitterball. Taken from his upcoming third album “Pure Luxury”, to be released on July 10th, it fluently blends piano and disco strings with the more poppy synths into an invigorating bop. And with his slick vocals on top, we’re certainly a prisoner of this retro jam.

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Music History

TLC – “Baby-Baby-Baby”

From their album “Ooooooohhh…On The TLC Tip” (1992):

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New Music

Lukas Setto – “Lockdown”

Blending 90s R&B with a classic funky groove, this is the new single by British singer and songwriter Lukas Setto:

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