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Lukas Setto – “OMG”

Born from a slew of different incarnations, such as Lee Henry and Tru Menace, comes this London-based singer, songwriter and producer’s latest moniker. Raised on a diet of Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, he studied popular music at Stanmore College and won the Urban Music Award for Best Unsigned Artist. Debuting his new persona, he released “What Turns You On” in 2019.

His new single is brimming with delicious vintage soul, wrapped in a retro disco haze. The 80s vibe created by the bouncy beat, searing synths, disco strings and blazing brass is both enchanting as it is exhilarating. His luxurious vocals range from velvety to hitting falsetto notes with ease and raises this vivid, soul-dripping treasure to new, ear-tingling heights, encouraging your feet to get movin’!

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