In The Spotlight

Ann King – “I Wouldn’t Mind”

Born as Annemarie Overwijn in The Netherlands, this passionate singer, songwriter and performer grew up immersed in music. She studied at the Rockacademie in Tilburg before hitting the music scene as ANEMARY in 2015 and debuting with “Alive”. She’s played festivals like Bevrijdingsfestival and Fringe. Continuing to evolve, she started 2019 with a new name, new sound and US shows.

Blending powerful pop with a haunting melodic beauty, her new single drags you into her world straight from the first note. Taken from her upcoming album “Fake Flowers”, expected in January 2020, she first shows a delicate vulnerability, before bursting out in an upbeat fusion of a lively beat, searing synths and dance elements and with her fervent vocals, this is a heartfelt gem full of positivity.

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Music History

Spandau Ballet – “Crashed Into Love”

From their album “Heart Like A Sky” (1989):

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New Music

Bishop Briggs – “Tatooed On My Heart”

Blending slick pop with lustrous gospel tones, this is the new single by Bishop Briggs:

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