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Robert Randolph & The Family Band – “Baptise Me”

Born in New Jersey, this vocalist, songwriter and guitarist had a cloistered upbringing hearing only gospel music. It wasn’t until his early twenties that he discovered the rich palette of various genres. A true master at the pedal steel guitar, he played with the likes of Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana, who studied his technique. Joined by The Family Band, they debuted with “Live In The Wetlands” in 2002.

Returning to the gospel influences of his youth, their new single enriches the celestial sound with raw, emotional blues and vintage soul. Taken from their upcoming album “Brighter Days”, to be released on August 23, the vitalizing rhythm and howling guitars can be felt deep in your soul, while his rugged, impassioned vocals add a veracity and spirituality to this poignant portion of musical salvation.

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Music History

Starpoint – “It’s So Delicious”

From their album “It’s So Delicious” (1983):

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New Music

The Teskey Brothers – “So Caught Up”

From their upcoming album “Run Home Slow”, to be released on 2 August 2019:

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