In The Spotlight

Hunger – “Light It Up”

Formed in 2015 in Vienna, this Austrian electro pop/rock trio started off as a songwriting collective following the dissolution of former bands, but soon realized that their dark, epic and cinematic sound deserved to be played live. They moved to Los Angeles and released their debut single “Gravity”, but got global attention with their 2016 track “Amused” after it was featured in “13 Reasons Why”.

The first taster of their upcoming debut album “Mosaik”, to be released on December 20th, is a prime example of their genre-spanning sonic versatility. A pounding bass line and punchy percussion drive the melody to the neon-colored chorus. Blending modern touches with vintage, 80s-soaked energy and uplifting choral style vocals, this is a high-spirited, anthemic jam which will light up your ears.

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Music History

Stevie Nicks – “I Can’t Wait”

From her album “Rock A Little” (1985):

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New Music

Belle & Sebastian – “Sister Buddha”

From the upcoming soundtrack for the movie “Days Of The Bagnold Summer”, to be released on 13 September 2019:

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