In The Spotlight

Declan Carrier – “Bubble”

Born under the Australian sun, this singer, songwriter and actor studied theatre and music in high school and plays guitar, bass, percussion and ukulele. He moved to London in 2013, which he now calls home and played dive bars from Paris to Berlin with his charismatic flamboyance to hone his catchy vintage pop and disco-reminiscent sound. He released his debut single “Saving All My Love” in 2018.

His third single is funky, discolicious and poptastic, all rolled into one decadent musical treat. He first teases the senses with a smooth intro of synths, guitars and 90s-styled silky voice, before the true nature of this buoyant groove becomes apparent. Cheerful drums, fresh piano and retro wah-wah guitars make this tune a melodious feast, while his jovial vocals truly make this bubble float.

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Music History

Janet Jackson – “Whoops Now”

From her album “Janet.” (1993):

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New Music

Friendly Fires – “Silhouettes”

From their upcoming album “Inflorescent”, to be released on 16 August 2019:

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