In The Spotlight

SIDIBE – “Place For You And I”

This alluring, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and musician dips classic R&B sounds and contemporary pop elements in sweet romanticism. Utilizing her impressive five-octave vocal range, she’s made her indelible mark on the music scene, resulting in three EPs and a full-length album, as well as having her song “I’m Only Dreaming” handpicked by Prince as Purple Pick Of The Week in 2016.

Her latest single brings a myriad of musical influences together into an enchanting soundscape. The laid-back vibe blends some smooth bossa-nova with velvety jazz tones and a smidge of plush pop, generating images of a gorgeous sunset on a summers eve. With her silky vocal sensibilities, singing about the emotional turmoil of falling in love with two lovers, this gem is sheer auditory beauty.

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Music History

The Blow Monkeys – “Steppin’ Down”

From their album “Staring At The Sea” (2011):

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New Music

Foley – “Can’t Help The Way”

Radiating glittery, neon-doused 80s pop sparkle, this is the new single by New Zealand duo Foley:

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