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Vladimir Cetkar- “Going Home”

Hailing from Macedonia, this exciting recording artist owns a remarkable range of various talents, such as vocalist, composer, guitarist and producer. Now based in New York City, he’s build on the timeless sound of his musical influences like Chic and Earth, Wind & Fire and added his own, authentic jazz, soul and funk expression. He released his debut album “We Will Never End” in 2009.

Bursting out in an exuberant explosion of funky vibes, his new single is a discolicious delight. The pulsating rhythm and the vintage wah-wah guitars shape the invigorating basis for the title track of his latest album, while his soulful voice and the disco string section enhances it and his stunning George Benson-like instrumental bridge truly catapults this funkalicious jam into its own stratosphere.

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Music History

Nia Peeples – “Street Of Dreams”

From her album “Nia Peeples” (1991):

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New Music

Wilder Woods – “Supply & Demand”

From his upcoming debut album “Wilder Woods”, to be released on 9 August 2019:

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