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Jasmine Singh – “Out My Mind”

Born in Alberta, this wistful singer and songwriter started honing her musical prowess early on. Raised in an Indian household, she had limitless influences, from Lauryn Hill to AC/DC, with a touch of Bollywood. Playing guitar and piano, she loves to perform live and continues to expand her musical palete. Although she released singles before, she dropped her debut EP “Journey To The Sun” in 2018.

Giving 90s R&B a contemporary upgrade, her new single radiates a summertime warmth from the catchy hooks. Driven by punchy percussion and enriched by electro-pop elements, it creates a dynamic soundscape for her ardent vocals to relate the powerful lyrics, telling the tale of a woman being mentally tortured by her significant other. Infectious, danceable and intense, this is a pure R&B gem.

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Music History

The Jacksons – “Keep On Dancing”

From their album “The Jacksons” (1976):

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New Music

Vanessa Jay Mulder – “Essensuality”

From her EP “Essensuality” (2019):

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