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Jaqueline Loor – “Find Your Way”

Born and raised in sunny Miami, this Floridian singer and songwriter got her passion for life from her Cuban and Ecuadorian parents; an influence which still resonates in her empowering sound. Inspired by artists such as Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush, she creates relatable pop songs based on true stories. With her soaring vocal range, she debuted as Lady Loor with “Stupid Girl” in 2018.

Gleaming from note to note with rousing sonic power, her new single is an infectious example of upbeat indie-pop done right. From the echoing bass plucks to the lively rhythm and perky brass, this bundle of pure auditory energy keeps bouncing off your eardrums. And with her sassy vocals singing about the need to keep going when you feel defeated, this vibrant jam will show you the way.

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Music History

John Legend – “Used To Love U”

From his album “Get Lifted” (2004):

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New Music

Hooverphonic – “Summer Sun”

Shining bright with sunlit strings and a retro vibe, this is the new single by Belgian trio Hooverphonic:

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