In The Spotlight

Ewelina Westin – “Waterfalls”

This Swedish indie-folk songwriter, producer and vocalist takes inspiration from nature, childhood, melancholy and love. Burdened by a horrible stage-fright she creates her luscious music in her studio on the island of Gotland. Despite her fear, she’s competed in music contests since she was seven and won several of them. She debuted with the Swedish song “Jag Kunde Lika Gärna Sovit Nu” in 2016.

Giving her folk sound an upbeat, summery vibe, her new single sounds delightfully sunlit and breezy. Written in a single afternoon, it’s about moving on from a good life to reach even higher. With a catchy rhythm, bright piano and plush guitars radiating pure sunshine, it’s her silvery vocals coasting on the perky melody that makes this tune sound like a refreshing waterfall on a hot summers day.

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Music History

Elton John – “Philadelphia Freedom”

Written as a favor to tennis star Billie Jean King, this track was only released as a single (1975):

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New Music

Janet Devlin – “Big Wide World”

From her album “Confessional” (2020):

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