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Late July – “Cloud & Crown”

Also known as Nicole Simone, this Canadian singer and songwriter began her career after a traumatic accident as a child forced her to take vocal lessons. She also became self-taught on several musical instruments. Soon after the release of her EP “Marathon” in 2017, she fell ill with a life-threatening adrenal illness. She also runs Canada’s largest dog adoption and rescue agency called Redemption Paws.

With an intoxicating rhythm and enchanting vocals, her new single sparkles from the start. Driven by a relentless beat and enriched by electronic strings and horns, it joins together the modern with a vintage edge and wraps it in a touch of mystery. And with her polished, emotionally-laden voice adding pure charisma to the bubbly melody, this auditory potion is certain to put you under its spell.

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Music History

Babyface – “It’s No Crime”

From his album “Tender Lover” (1989):

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New Music

Hedda Mae – “What Do You Want From Me”

Radiating lots of joyful pop rays, this is the catchy new single by Norwegian singer and songwriter Hedda Mae:

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