In The Spotlight

Erez Zobary – “Blue (For Now)”

Based in Toronto, this timeless Canadian songbird was raised on Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse. She’s spent the past five years playing to live audiences all around the country and got the chance to be mentored by Steve Page in the RBC Master In Residence program. Collaborating with artists like Brahny she’s released 3 EPs, followed by her first full-length project called “July Clouds” in 2019.

Spinning spellbinding velvet tones into a tapestry of soul, her new single shines its auditory beauty from the very first note. Taking a thread of R&B and a fiber of jazz and weaving them into the mellifluous keys and the laid-back percussion, it’s her unique, soul splashed and charismatic vocals that add the vibrant sonic color palate to this ear-stroking arrangement of mesmerizing musical mastery.

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Music History

Wet Wet Wet – “Strange”

From their album “10” (1997):

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New Music

Caro Emerald – “Wake Up Romeo”

With a relentless rhythm and vintage horns, this is the new single by Dutch songstress Caro Emerald:

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