In The Spotlight

Nya – “High”

Raised in the Florida sunshine, this genre-bending singer and songwriter has been enchanted by the transportive power of music from a young age. She found inspiration in the classic tones of Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire, adding Fiona Apple’s lyricism and The Internet’s contemporary vibes as she grew as an artist. She debuted her retro-tinged, jazzy and soulful sound on her EP “Mania” in 2017.

Animated in delicious neon colors, her bubbly new single is an incredible fusion of 80s disco and pop, laced with a touch of funk and a jazzy undertone. With an infectious groovy rhythm, multi-layered harmonies and playful keys tickling the senses, she adds a taste of modernity with the relatable lyrics. And with her emotive, soul-infused voice adding a summery feel, this track is reaching new heights.

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Music History

Barenaked Ladies – “Enid”

From their album “Gordon” (1992):

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New Music

Drew Sycamore – “Jungle”

From her album “Sycamore” (2021):

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