In The Spotlight

Tom King – “Honest”

Growing up in Guildford, this rising British singer and songwriter started performing ABBA or Lady Gaga songs for family, before landing a place at the famed Guildford Cathedral Choir aged 7. At 13 he won the BBC Radio 2’s Chorister Of The Year Award, just before leaving the choir. He debuted his distinctive soaring vocals, emotive lyrics and lush, soulful melodies on “Why Are You Here?” in 2019.

Imposing, powerful and soul-drenched, his new single is an impassioned sonic experience. Incorporating his own heartbreak from being lied to by someone he was in love with, it’s vivacious in the honest lyrics as well as through the bombastic percussion and grandiose horns. Feeling its classic auditory force reverberating deep in your belly and your soul, this anthemic groove sounds extraordinary.

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Music History

Janet Jackson – “All For You”

From her album “All For You” (2001):

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New Music

Jake Miller – “Click”

From his album “Silver Lining II” (2021):

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