In The Spotlight

Guytano – “She Knows”

Based in Minnesota and consisting of brother Grant and Eddie Hamilton, Isaac Hesse and Colter Benoit, this quartet of friends started covering punk rock songs in 2010. They created a synth-based pop rock sound inspired by bands like The 1975 and Coldplay. They debuted with the album “I Am Inside My Body” in 2016 and had songs featured on TV shows such as MTV’s The Real World and Teen Mom 2.

Pushed by a pulsating rhythm and a bouncy bassline and driven by crisp, fun-loving synths, their new single is a polished blend of sunlit pop and electro-rock. Meant to embody the excess of Vegas by telling the story of losing everything in Sin City, the heeding lyrics are wrapped in summery tones, sparkling on the melody. Ear-stroking, exciting and infectious, this is one jam you need to know.

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Music History

Angie Stone – “Life Story”

From her album “Black Diamond” (1999):

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New Music

Jake Shears – “Do The Television”

Splashed with neon disco-pop and 80s funky vibes, this is the new single by Jake Shears:

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