In The Spotlight

Brooke Turner – “Why”

Recently transitioned from the EDM scene, this Canadian singer and songwriter is now making waves with her newly adopted R&B and pop blend. She’s had many songs placed in movies and on TV shows, like Degrassi and on Hallmark. Her new sound has been compared to artists such as Ariana Grande and Kiana Ledé. She debuted her rich, soulful sound with the single “Ooh” earlier this year.

Her debut EP encapsulates the span of a relationship that eventually turns sour. The title track uses a melancholic melody and emotive lyricism to reminisce about a lost love. With a shimmering synth and electronic handclaps setting the scene, it’s the creamy rhythm and the sirenic voice of this wistful enchantress that adds a beguiling and esoteric vibe to this captivating and bewitching euphony.

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Music History

Jamiroquai – “Stillness In Time”

From their album “The Return Of The Space Cowboy” (1994):

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New Music

Joy Crookes – “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”

Dipping into soaring, cinematic classic soul, this is the new single by British songstress Joy Crookes:

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