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Pet The Camel – “Get Get Get”

Lighting up the music scene, this Danish collection of creative musicians try to find the balance between their varying sources of inspiration. With every member of the band staying true to their own muse, they create a unique, danceable sound. Rooted in disco, funk and soul, they grab the best elements of their favorite genres and fuse the sound of tomorrow with the sound of yesterday.

Teasing your ears into their world with an understated synth, their debut single soon ascends into a sonic sphere filled with splashing neon pastels. With a mesmerizing rhythm and crisp electric guitars marrying a funky beat with 80s synthpop, the rock-styled vocals, singing about a girl who put the past and future aside for one night to enjoy the present, make this jam sound exciting and fresh.

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Music History

Kim Wilde – “Schoolgirl”

From her album “Another Step” (1986):

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New Music

John Mayer – “Last Train Home”

From his upcoming album “Sob Rock”, to be released on 16 July 2021:

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