In The Spotlight

Queency – “Too Late”

Born as Quentin Thony on Reunion Island, this Australia-based singer and songwriter is no stranger to the Perth music scene. He is the frontman of the multi-cultural six-piece band Soukouss Internationale, performing infectious, high-energy African songs. Now also stepping forward as a solo artist under a new moniker and with a retro R&B-soul blend, he debuted with “When Daddy Left” in 2020.

With a suave, devil-may-care sonic vibe rippling over the polished notes, his new single is a true audible treat. With a blues-styled electric guitar, jazzy keys, R&B drums and a touch of funky horns, all joining together to create an old-school soul sound, this is an intricate amalgamation of genres. And with his fiery, vintage-dipped vocals binding all elements together, this extravagant jam is just on time.

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Music History

HAIM – “Forever”

From their album “Days Are Gone” (2013):

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New Music

Flo Rida – “Wait”

Returning with a 60s sock-hop with modern day hip-hop blend, this is the new single by rapper Flo Rida:

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