In The Spotlight

Brooke Josephson – “Showin’ Up”

Hailing from the small town of Warsaw, Indiana, this sparkly singer and songwriter grew up singing religious songs in church, until she heard Madonna’s “Material Girl”. She earned a masters in songwriting at Berklee College Of Music. Also an actress, she worked on “All My Children” and “Bones”. Inspired by Alanis Morissette, Annie Lennox and Nile Rodgers, she debuted with “No For An Answer” in 2013.

Pumping some pulsating pop power through a rock filter, her new single is meant as both a show opener as a showstopper. Taken from her upcoming EP “Showin’ Up”, expected on February 25th and inspired by her real-life experiences, this sprightly track highlights the popstar part of her life. With a retro, 80s-touched melody and her fresh vocals, this jam is brimming with infectious vitality.

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Music History

The Jacksons – “Torture”

From their album “Victory” (1984):

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New Music

Paula Jivén – “Say That”

From her upcoming debut EP “The Duality In Me”, to be released in May 2022:

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