In The Spotlight

Olivia Wik – “Let’s Dance”

Joking that she would sing more than talk, this award-winning Canadian singer and songwriter picked up a guitar for the first time at the age of 8 and began thinking seriously about a music career aged 16. As a songwriter she has over 250 songs in her catalogue for artists such as Ryland James, Olivia Rose and Rebecca Lappa. She released her own retro-pop sound on “When I Was Drunk” in 2019.

Bathed in a vintage-touched, joyful exuberance, her new single is an infectious and bubbly burst of rich musicality. Singing about building intimacy in a relationship and the euphoric electricity that follows, it’s the bouncy bass, vibrant rhythm and vivid horns that gives this groove a perky, ear-pleasing tune. And with her steamy, flirtatious vocals, you’ve got to dance to this sexy slice of sonic spice.

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Music History

Go West – “Don’t Look Down”

From their album “Go West” (1985):

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New Music

AURORA – “Temporary High”

From her album “The Gods We Can Touch” (2022):

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