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NECTAR – “Rat’s Race”

Formed in early 2020 when Judah Pilcher, Jack Arnett, Jac Donnelly and Matt Smith started jamming together prior to the first Covid outbreak, this perky Australian quartet creates a sunlit fusion of jazz, indie-rock and soulful pop. They soon became a highlight of the Perth music scene, sharing the stage with King Ibis, Muscle Club and Ken Paolo. They released their debut single “Caramel Blue” in 2020.

Conjuring the radiant summer sun to warm these cold winter months, their new single is the perfect soundtrack for a smooth roadtrip in a convertible. With the wind in your hair, and their cool sonic vibes flowing from the car speakers, you’ll feel your troubles just drift away. With a laid-back rhythm, swaying guitars and a fresh saxophone solo, this revitalizing jam feels like a gentle musical hug.

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Music History

Ruby Turner – “It’s Gonna Be Alright”

From her album “Paradise” (1989):

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New Music

Years & Years – “Sooner Or Later”

From his upcoming album “Night Call”, to be released on 21 January 2022:

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