In The Spotlight

Mitski – “Heat Lightning”

Born in Japan to an American father and a Japanese mother, this singer, songwriter and musician grew up all over the world and tasted diverse cultures due to her dad’s job at the US State Department. She studied at the Purchase College Conservatory in New York. Infusing her music with influences ranging from Mariah Carey to Jeff Buckley, she debuted her unique sound on “Lush” in 2012.

With poetic lyrics encapsulating her desire to practice forgiveness and paying tribute to insomnia, the third single after a three year hiatus is an intricate burst of orchestral melancholy. Taken from her upcoming album “Laurel Hell”, expected on February 4th, she creates a cinematic soundscape with hypnotic attributes and a touch of gloom, while still striking your soul like lightning.

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Music History

Con Funk Shun – “Spirit Of Love”

From their album “Spirit Of Love” (1980):

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New Music

Emma Svensson – “Hold On”

Infusing bouncy country-pop with vigorous rock, this is the new single by Swedish songstress Emma Svensson:

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