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Mikalyn – “Ready To Love You”

Born as Mikalyn Hay in the town of Guelph, this Canadian singer and songwriter has been writing songs since she was 7 years young and also plays piano and guitar. Initially picked up by a Brazilian record label who turned her original songs into EDM, she started doing collaborations. Inspired by Tears For Fears, Billie Eilish and Marina, she debuted her own infectious pop sound on “Gone” in 2018.

While chronicling the overwhelming emotions being in a relationship you’re not quite ready for, her new single is a catchy, vintage-dipped groove. With a beat borrowed from the 80s, a retro-sizzle from the vibrant synths and a warm glow from the lustrous guitars, this tune gets a colorful sparkle. And with her fresh, reverberant vocals melting into the melody, this luscious jam is ready to love.

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Music History

Daniel Powter – “Next Plane Home”

From his album “Under The Radar” (2008):

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New Music

Call Me Loop – “Year Of The Ex”

Radiating an infectious, neon-dipped pop sparkle, this is the new single by Call Me Loop:

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