In The Spotlight

Kim Tibbs – “Walk To The Light”

Having accumulated over 30 years of musical experience, this multi-talented singer, songwriter, organist, producer and even fashion designer is a force to be reckoned with. She’s worked with Billy Ray Cyrus, shared the stage with Denise LaSalle and toured with Percy Sledge to name but a few. Inspired by Al Green and Aretha Franklin she debuted her own soul sound on her single “Completely…” in 2016.

Recorded on Al Green’s original microphone for an authentic 70s soul sound, her new single is about achieving personal empowerment. Taken from her album “The Science Of Completion, Vol.1”, the song starts with a retro rhythm and classic violins and unfolds with her warm Hammond organ and wah wah guitars. And with her powerful, soul-dripping vocals, this is a musical treat.

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