In The Spotlight

Annika Rose – “Bruises”

Based in Los Angeles, this singer and songwriter was born to a songwriting mother and a multi-instrumentalist father with music running through her veins. Referring to her songs as ‘journal entries put to melody’, she’s devoted much of her childhood to honing her genuine lyricism and style. Inspired by Fleetwood Mac, Dave Matthews Band and Sheryl Crow, she released her debut “In The End” in 2019.

Written about a friend who was literally covered in self-inflicted bruises, as well as the metaphorical bruises we carry around, her new single shines a lyrical light on mental health. Instantly gripping from the first mellow beat, the song soon awakens with a galvanic rhythm, fiery synths and lively guitars. And with her charismatic vocals, this bubbly groove sounds both authentic and danceable.

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