In The Spotlight

Ben Dyleuth – “Armour”

Born and raised in New York to a Singaporean mother and a Laotian father, this gifted singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has always had music in his life. Completely self-taught, he learned by exploring diverse genres like rock, blues and hip-hop. He studied classical music and performed worldwide for 7 years. He’s opened for Lizzo and released his debut “The Sun” earlier this year.

Weaving a plethora of colorful musical fabrics into one, extraordinary sonic tapestry, his new single is an intricate amalgam of his boundless artistry. Creating an alternative R&B sound by blending a smooth West-Coast AOR vibe with a generous dose of mild jazz, it’s the mellow rhythm, flavorful keys and his soulful, velveteen vocals that give this emotive groove a delightful and unique auditory feel.

Instagram | Website | iTunes

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