In The Spotlight

Saibh Skelly – “Grow Up”

Hailing from Dublin, this rising Irish singer and songwriter started as a busker on the streets of her home town aged 15. She began uploading her busking sessions to YouTube, covering songs from Lewis Capaldi and Anne-Marie to Billie Eilish’s “When The Party Is Over”. Inspired by young song-writers such as Clinton Kane and Conan Gray, she released her debut single “Come Here And Leave Me Alone” in 2021.

Always in a hurry to grow up as a child, but her new single highlights the wish for time to slow back down, once adulthood is just around the corner. Easing into the song with a mellow rhythm and mild piano, she starts telling her relatable story. And with the lush melody swelling to a full-bodied chorus, it’s her crisp, refreshing vocal tone that elevates this infatuating pop tune to sonic adulthood.

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