In The Spotlight

Fionn – “Waves”

Hailing from Vancouver, Canadian singer and songwriter twins Alanna and Brianne Finn-Morris were born into music. With both parents classically trained on piano and their dad being in an Irish show-band, a career in music was inevitable. They started busking on the streets aged 12, honing their folk-pop sound. Inspired by Lorde, Sinéad O’Connor and SZA, they debuted with “Skeleton” in 2017.

Written during the pandemic, when the lockdown restrictions became to much to bear, their new single created a much needed calm in an otherwise turbulent world. Dipped in sonic enchantment, it’s the mellow acoustic guitar, dulcet rhythm and their mellifluous harmonies that forge a tranquil folk-pop soundscape in which to escape the harsh reality of life for a few minutes.

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