In The Spotlight

Carah Faye – “Gold Plated”

Californian singer/songwriter Carah Faye Charnow is no stranger to the music scene. She’s been the front woman for the indie rock band Shiny Toy Guns since 2004, with a short 4 year break to start the band Versant. As a child she took voice lessons and sang in a choir called Fresh Chances For America. She sites Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and Whitney Houston as her early musical influences.

While still fronting Shiny Toy Guns, she is now embarking on a new solo path. Her second solo single is a glorious mix of contemporary R&B and electro-pop. With a full-bodied synth-based groove, melodious harmonies which have a slight gospel vibe and her breathtaking, electrifying vocals, it’s an infectious and delectable taster of her soon to drop full-length debut album.

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