In The Spotlight

Marié Digby – “Wildfire”

This Irish-Japanese singer/songwriter from Los Angeles shot to fame when she uploaded a completely acoustic video, covering Rihanna’s “Umbrella”, to YouTube back in 2007. Over 22 million views, the release of the cover as a single and a full-length album “Unfold” later, she has been impressing the music scene world wide with her lyrical artistry and musical virtuosity.

Her latest single is an emotional rollercoaster. With acoustic musical finesse and poetic lyricism this song grabs you from the very first guitar chord played. Beautifully understated percussion gels with the raw, natural guitar sound and allows her delicate and impassioned vocals to sparkle. It’s a lush melodic extravaganza and a testament to her unbridled talent.

From her upcoming EP “Wildfire”, to be released on 9 February 2018:

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